ADVANced Workshop and Deepening of knowledge



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Upon completing the Introductory Workshop, professionals will learn to provide ongoing therapy using ESDM.

Deepening of knowledge

4 days of courses allowing each participant to obtain a complete vision and knowledge of the ESDM method. 

Advanced Workshop

They will be grouped into teams of 3-5 and receive hands-on practice with children with ASD and supervision in implementing an ESDM intervention program. Coaching and feedback will guide them in generating and embedding developmentally appropriate teaching curricula in naturalistic routines for young children with ASD. Topics include using the curriculum to evaluate a child's skill level, building quarterly objectives and data systems, teaching developmental objectives in naturalistic play routines, and self-evaluating intervention strategies.

The Advanced Workshop involves

  • interactive sessions with children with ASD to equip professionals with information
  • skills, and resources necessary for correct ESDM implementation.

Trainees will work with children daily with direct supervision from the Trainer. Fidelity scores in ESDM will improve with each session, aiming to reach a minimum of 75% by the workshop's end.

  • The last three days of the Advanced course will be face-to-face.
  • When an individual participates and completes an Advanced Workshop, he/she may identify as having attended workshops, but may not report to have completed ESDM certification.

The Trainer will furnish a Certificate of Attendance.

This certificate is essential to be eligible for the Therapist Certification in ESDM.


  • This Certificate is valid for 2 years (must begin trainee certification within 2 years)


  • Consistently engage in work with children between 12 to 60 months of age who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Possess an educational degree and professional certification or licensure in your field that enables you to work autonomously with children who have autism and their families, without requiring oversight or approval from another professional. Your qualifications meet the criteria for independent professional responsibility and authorization to endorse professional documents and charge for services, in compliance with your state or country's regulations.

  • Collaborate with professionals from diverse fields such as education, psychology, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, and behavior analysis, as part of an interdisciplinary team.

  • To pursue certification, applicants must have the resources to submit training materials for fidelity review and certification after the workshop. This necessitates access to both the internet and video recording equipment.

  • Must autonomously oversee cases, establish objectives, and track children's advancements

  • Occasionally, individuals who do not fully meet eligibility criteria for certification may participate in the Advanced Workshop, subject to approval by Certified Trainer consultation with the ESDM Training Program. Requests for participation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, as space is limited. Priority will be given to groups of 3-5 training together, followed by qualified individuals, and then those who do not meet full certification criteria. The program recognizes that participation in workshops can benefit many individuals and provides exposure to the ESDM model.