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Alexis For Autism is an initiative to support research in autism, led by Alexis Valenzuela. Alexis was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at 3 years old, and thanks to the tremendous motivation and investment of his family and numerous hours of therapies, he now leads a normal life at the age of 16.


Today, Alexis decided to utilize his passion for golf to serve families who have a child on the spectrum, organizing a charity golf event. You can find more information about his project on his website.


Following Alexis' wish, each donation for the project Alexis For Autism will exclusively support research in early intervention for young children with autism. Please note that our foundation  benefits from the usual tax exemptions that pertains to its charitable status. For each donation greater than 300CHF, you will receive a donation certificate that you can join to your tax forms. 


Don't hesitate to write a small message to accompany your generous donation, your message will be forwarded to Alexis and to the entire research team working on these projects.

For your donation, you can either use the above secured form, or use bank wire using the following details:

Recipient : Fondation Pôle Autisme, Place du Cirque 2, 1204 Genève
Bank : Banque Cantonale de Genève
Clearing : 788
Account : 5050.03.77
IBAN : CH38 0078 8000 0505 0037 7

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Alexis dreams to follow his sister Albane's steps, an Olympian athlete currently studying at Stanford University.

Caddying Albane during the US Women's Amateur championship in August 2017 (cf. article in Golf week, et report), Alexis realized the chance that he had to benefit from intense support from his family and skilled professionals, who helped him to become the teenager that he is today. Alexis now follows an ordinary school track, together with being a high-level golfer. Alexis thus decided to share his story to support research in autism.


To achieve this goal, Alexis developed the ambitious project of a series of charity golf event. The first fund raising event took place at the Geneva Golf Club, on June 27th, 2018 (open to members and guests). 

We are very grateful that Alexis chose to support our research on early intervention for his first event and thank you sincererly for your generosity.